Department : Agriculture - Plant Breeding
College : Agriculture & Natural Resources
Field : - AGRONOMY


First Name : Farhad Last Name : Hariri akbari
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Research Interest : Genomics: RAPD, AFLP, SNP, SSR, DArT markers, Genetic engineering, Metabolomics and chemistry analysis (GC, GC MASS, HPLC), Tissue culture (Special endogenous plant and medicinal plant), Agronomy of medicinal plant, Bioremediation, Nano biotechnology, Statistical operations and working with statistical software such as excel, SAS, Ntsys, MSATC and C++
Educational Background
Degree :Masters degree Field : plant biotechnology
College : Department of Biotechnology and Plant Breeding, Azad University, Science & Research Branch Year : 2008-2011
Thesis : Assessment of genetic diversity of Iranian population of Anethum graveolens L. (dill) by AFLP molecular markers
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